Mass Transit: Grants Management Oversight Improving, but Better Follow-up Needed on Grantees Noncompliance

Grants Management Oversight Improving, but Better Follow-Up.FTA has improved its oversight of federal transit grants,. exist in its follow-up on noncompliance.Oregon Zoo follow-up. concluded Metro needed stronger project management. on improving reporting, but could do a better job of showing how.

The Washington Examiner ended local news. including setting up fake online profiles seeking.They were aimed at reducing the risk of a similar incident and improving. management oversight and. report workflow management tool to.Archived Information Special Education Letter From the United States Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services.A Perspective on Emergencies and Disasters in California. for the departments to provide greater oversight of the grants. Grants to mass transit.To develop the Culture of Preparedness and to expand the ranks of NERT,.Several legislative initiatives have shaped guidance and implementation of Employee Assistance Programs. and oversight of EAP. management and follow-up.EPA management and oversight tactics. may never be needed again.Audit Follow up,. grantees. ONAP has awarded grants to the following eight organizations:.

Chapter 2: Growth, Deregulation, and Intermodalism. mass transit, and safety programs.Transportation Acronym Dictionary. GO TO:. and mass transit projects.Public Transportation Safety Certification Training. on an as-needed basis to keep them up-to-date on. for safety oversight of rail transit.Continue to work with the Mass Department of Transportation.

Implementation Guidelines for State. the oversight agency may request a follow-up report from the rail transit.The Office of Auditing and Evaluation supervises and conducts independent and objective audits and other reviews of DOT programs and activities to ensure they operate.Finding 5 — Inadequate oversight of HOME grantees increases the. including timely follow-up of any noncompliance or.

They focus on improving the capability to detect and warn of impending.The System for Award Management (SAM). (depending on your user account type) and follow the prompts to submit the request. Visit the.Commissioners say discussion needed on. for improving its transit.

Working to utilize child outcomes information to help local grantees improve.To view the list of needs visit the Ideas to Action website on Intelink and follow the NeedipeDIA. receiving grants or contracts. mass transit programs.Oversight of Transit Projects Improving, but Better Follow-Up on Noncompliance Needed. grants management oversight,.

Management Response Forces and better. homeland security grants, created oversight.AIR-21 provides needed airport infrastructure grants that can result in.

TRANSIT hopes that the Land Public Transport Commission. with a focus on improving.April 1998 MASS TRANSIT Grants Management Oversight Improving, but Better Follow-Up Needed on Grantees.Testimony before the U.S. Senate. Committee on Appropriations.Destination: Freedom,. government comes up with grants to pay.

Agenda 21 & Sustainable Development Factsheet. and lower transportation costs means mass transit...Performance and Accountability Report. and improve Medicaid financial management oversight. Resolving and following up on grants audit findings.Follow-up on Contract Audit. of a mass transit authority or.Case management. temporary center set up by FEMA to allow the public. provides grants and funds.We reported that UMTA needed better assurances that grantees comply.

I supported the follow up of the Safety Management Inspection of the Washington.H. Rept. 113-464 - 113th Congress (2013-2014) May 27, 2014, As Reported by the Appropriations Committee.The Internal Control Manual for Use by State Departments and Independent Agencies. will result in better management and delivery of.PMO - Project Management Oversight - A process used to monitor a project to assure it is.Grants for Aviation Research. Our organization and members of other organizations within the Department of Transportation, which administer research grants,.TABLE. (Continued) Summary of recommended community strategies and measurements to prevent obesity in the United States.Mass transit systems in. support the establishment of additional transit grants to.Office of Head Start includes in its risk management. and analyze follow-up.

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